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Due to Covid19 local chain thrift stores have limited their donation hours and have recently raised the prices of their FREE donated books to $3.50 for adult hardcover books at Goodwill and to $2.50 for softcover books at ARC, so most of their books (your donations) never sell. Where all the books go that don't sell is always vague and unclear. Because there is no money to be made in book recycling, most books end up in the landfill.  At Bizarre Bazaar we recently started our outdoor 24-hour donation wall and decided on a great price - FREE. So, in addition to selling your books to us inside our store, PLEASE also consider donating your used books and music to our 24-hour donation wall just outside our store. Our store simply isn't big enough to fit all the books & music that arrive here, but we've found a home for THOUSANDS of books via our donation wall.  We have MANY people pick through these items daily and they greatly appreciate the
FREE price tag!


At the Bizarre Bazaar we buy, sell and trade the following:

- used books, antique books, collectible books
- vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes, Reel-to-Reel Tapes
- comic books & old vintage magazines
- old paper items - prints, posters, postcards, old photos, sheet music
- videos - DVDs & bluray
- VHS tapes (Music & Vintage Horror VHS tapes only)
- Home Audio Equipment - buy, sell, trade and repair record players, guitar amplifiers, old radios, turntables, amplifiers, receivers, brand name speakers, tuners and similar audio items. W
orking or broken (for parts) audio equipment is something we are always interested in buying. We also have an in-house audio repair service.

So instead of stockpiling your books, music, videos or home audio gear for "someday", sell them or trade them for stuff you haven't enjoyed yet.
We also offer a relaxing atmosphere where you can meet others interested in pre-download era media. 


Our "browser's paradise" philosophy focuses on keeping a rich in-house selection, a selection the local community helps us create by buying, selling, and trading with us.  In addition, our inventory is available only in our store and not online, and this has two benefits for our customers: It keeps the rare "gems" in our store for your browsing pleasure, and it forces us to lower our prices for a smaller (local) buying population. With a focus on your browsing experience the Bizarre Bazaar is the ideal place to discover books, music and videos you never knew existed.


At the Bizarre Bazaar we also buy, sell, trade and repair audio equipment such as record players, turntables, receivers, stereos, old radios, guitar amplifiers and similar vintage audio gear. We also have a large in-store selection to choose from and offer cash or store credit for your used audio equipment. We also have an in-house audio repair person (Thursday thru Monday) and have a large inventory of parts including needles, belts, audio tubes, various electronic components, cartridges and more. To keep our parts inventory growing we also buy broken audio equipment or random (useful) parts.


"Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" is something we do every day.  Buying and selling used books (books already in circulation) re-uses them and greatly reduces the need to cut down more trees to make brand new books. We also use our outdoor 24-hour book & music donation wall to find homes for your formerly enjoyed books and music items. Over one thousand books find a home weekly via this donation wall.